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Deupree Family Foundation
P.O. Box 292
Collinsville CT 06022
Attn: S. D. Jones

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The DEUPREE FAMILY FOUNDATION is accepting applications for grants for the one-year period starting July 1, 2016. The deadline for grant proposals is June 15, 2016. Please use the application guidelines linked in the left sidebar.

About the Deupree Family Foundation

The Deupree Family Foundation is a small foundation with no geographical home base. Our board members live in many areas in the United States and one in the U.K.

All of our grant applicants must be fully registered U.S. Federal 501(c)3 non-profit organizations. Our average grant in 2013 and 2015 was between $2000 and $2500.

We have one "Big Fish" grant of up to $25,000 to an organization that meets our criteria and on which the board votes as a group. The rules are: the project funded must be educational (which is a very broad category), and the major part of the project must be able to be accomplished by this grant.

In addition to the "Big Fish," we accept applications from many kinds of groups and organizations, but we do give most of our grants to organizations we know personally in our own communities. If we don't know you, your chances of getting funding are much less, but certainly not impossible.

We require applications to be sent in an electronic form. This makes it easier for us to all share the applications. This could be an attachment or simply the body of an email. Please make initial contact through our email form.

The deadline for applications for grants beginning in July 2016 is June 15th. We will not meet to discuss grants until September.